The option that Wurmser allegedly discussed was nudging Israel to launch a low-yield cruise missile strike against the Natanz nuclear reactor in Iran, thus “hopefully” prompting a military reaction by Tehran against U.S. forces in Iraq and the Gulf.

Bold is mine. So we’re talking a nuclear strike, correct? In their… » 4/22/15 11:27am Wednesday 11:27am

The judge qualified his decision noting that had said baster been solely used in a medical capacity he could have let it go, but it was his understanding that it was broken out for not only Thanksgiving, but Christmas as well. » 4/22/15 10:01am Wednesday 10:01am

Sounds as though Rogue One will be heavily influenced by all things military. This could work really well, since Edwards’ Godzilla was also heavily shot from the point of view of a military man, a military family and participants in various special ops missions. » 4/20/15 9:50am Monday 9:50am